We provide a full range of professional services tailored to suit the individual requirements of each Multi-Unit Complex including:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Retail or Mixed Use
  • Body Corporate & Cross Lease
  • Incorporated or Residents Society’s
  • Hotels, Motels & Serviced Apartments
  • Other Shared Schemes
  • Arranging insurance valuations and cover
  • Calling running and documenting of meetings
  • Dispute Management
  • Maintaining a register of proprietors & occupiers
  • Full financial reporting, budgeting, accounting, funds management and tax support
  • Creditor & debtor management
  • Coordination of tradespeople
  • Assisting with building compliance, health & safety and statutory obligations
  • Asset & facility management

We are proud of our achievement in establishing the first industry institute in NZ. Another first is providing a website and community forum for each complex, giving neighbours and co-owners/occupiers instant access to real-time communications and information updates.

Why choose Property 101 Group?

  • Advanced software and technology systems to enhance our performance & individually service each client’s unique needs.
  • The Managing Director will work directly in and on the Company, drawing on decades of industry experience in Australia and New Zealand working alongside several of the top players
  • Delivery of superior service and constantly improving on robust systems, processes and protocols.
  • Evolving with the needs of our individual clients and their investments. We know all client’s needs are unique and will tailor our service and fees to what they require.
  • Offering regular and clear communication to all parties through building community forums, each complex will have their own individual website.
  • Introducing & establishing a professional body to the industry to improve standards, professionalism and international resources.
  • Bank accounts are held in the name of each complex and we provide 24/7 access to clear financial statements using a customised software system. All interest earned on client funds is identifiable as belonging to them, and credited accordingly.

  • Partnering with other top performers to ensure evolving and ever improving services and solutions.
  • Our team are proactive and involved in ongoing training programs, industry knowledge sharing and continued professional development and education.
  • Clients who own property under a multi-unit title scheme, be it strata or company share titling, mixed use or high density developments, incorporated societies, cross leases, units and townhouses, commercial, retail, residential, rural or  industrial properties, be it home or investment are part of a community. It’s a legal entity of its own, and along with fellow owners they are jointly responsible for such things as paying levies and caring for common areas. Keeping it running smoothly presents challenges different to the traditional NZ quarter acre, but a professional, independent management company like Property 101 Group can take care of many of these tasks to enhance the community’s reputation as a great place to live & own, so clients can enjoy their valuable assets and precious time.
  • We work closely with property owners, chairpersons and committees to improve and protect client investments. We are here to make your life easier!

We understand the unique intricacies involved in managing communities through the knowledge and experience we have gained during our years in the industry. We also understand that we are not the owners and that our clients are entrusting us with their properties.

Continued education, and partnering with other top performers to ensure evolving and ever improving services and solutions are how we continue to raise the bar, with a proactive approach to developing systems and procedures to improve consistency and efficiency.

Superior service, no fixed term.  

Our aim is to listen, engage and respond promptly, building mutual respect, value and loyalty with our clients.  We acknowledge that we are not perfect or infallible, nor do we always have all the answers.  So we can bring in experts and excellent tradespeople for practical solutions, strategies and guidance on ways you can add value to your investment, should external assistance be required. We do research, provide recommendations and contacts to make it easy for the Committee/Executive & owners to make informed decisions.

We take a pragmatic & customer-centric approach to accountability, accessibility & working as a collective, encouraging open lines of communication through community forums to ensure our clients receive positive outcomes.

Better Community Living everyone!