Strata Community Association – New Zealand Chapter – SCA(NZ)

For various reasons over the years the Body Corporate/Strata identity in NZ has been significantly compromised and a stigma associated with it. Having experienced first-hand the advantages of SCA (Strata Community Association) across the states of Australia, Joanne acknowledged that a NZ Chapter would be beneficial to all. 

The collaboration is tailored to the NZ Industry and Legislation.  Other internationals have been working along the same lines.  Establishing the body and obtaining industry support was a challenge, but the value added undeniable.  The motivation to piggy back onto an Australian Institute comes from the experience gained from predecessors who acknowledged NZ simply did not have the scale to reinvent the wheel!

SCA are a not-for-profit organisation who have the fundamentals and systems in place to assist.  The focus is on education, networking and collaboration.  They are also constantly evolving and have divisions for owners & committees etc, which is clearly an essential arm here too. 

With the right collaborations, the institute will not be limited to Body Corporates/Strata, but encompassing other multi-lot structures such as Incorporated & Residents Societies, Cross Leases etc.

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In February 2016 Joanne was able to confirm she had founded the NZ Chapter of SCA, aptly & inventively known as SCA(NZ).

If you are involved in Unit Title or Multi-Unit developments, you may be interested in joining, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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As featured in the NZ Herald

For years various associations and entities have struggled to get the industry regulated. When Joanne established Property 101 Group, the primary focus was to facilitate and establish a professional industry body to act as an independent industry voice.  There are a diverse range of sectional elements, and she saw the need for these different agendas to have a common purpose to protect the assets and various interests.

By setting some standards and learning from the right people, introducing SCA(NZ) as an independent reputable body to add professionalism, resource, knowledge & training to the strata industry, everyone will benefit in the long run.