Organising annual insurance is one of the most important tasks assigned to the Managers. It’s vital to make sure you have adequate protection, not only for the buildings, but also officer liability and professional indemnity cover, as well as contract works, health & safety or any other insurance that may be required from time to time.

At Property 101 Group we have professional relationships with industry leading Insurance Brokers and Underwriters who can advise on the best type of cover to obtain, different products, traps for young players and which experts to speak with to make sure you get the very best insurance cover for your complex.

We appreciate the competitive nature of the industry and clients are free to instruct us to get competitive quotes from any alternative broker or underwriter they may have a relationship with.

We recommend an independent reinstatement valuation certificate is obtained at least every two years (or as required by insurers) from a qualified professional and our emphasis is to ensure clients do search and destroy so the chosen broker/insurer has a reputable rating, the best service with competitive premiums, superior claims handling and expert advice.

To ensure transparency our clients will have a direct relationship with their insurers to obtain advice at their convenience and any commissions will be fully disclosed.

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